Best Pet for Children Under the Age of 10

Best Pet for Children Under the Age of 10

Best Pet for Children Under the Age of 10Sue comes home from school, drops her backpack on the floor, and runs over to you. “Oh please, Mommy, please, can I have a puppy?” It’s nearly impossible to resist those big eyes and trembling lip, but do you really want another mouth to feed and something else to watch and care for? Why not satisfy your child with a pet that’s easy to care for, fascinating, and easy on the wallet? Instead of a puppy or a kitten, buy your child a fish.

Fish are easy to care for, mesmerize your kids, and are little to no hassle. Just make sure to let Sue know that she’s not allowed to feed her fish anything but fish food. No, she can’t feed ‘Fishy’ her Cheerios or her yogurt. Warn her that the fish will get sick and die. Allow your child to take care of the fish, but make sure to help them along with caring for their new pet. I would recommend placing the fish bowl up on a counter or dresser, out of your child’s reach.

Types of ‘Kiddy’ Fishes:

The Original Gold Fish:

Yes, I’m talking about those cheap ones you get at the fair. If you think Sue’s obsession with pets is only going to last for a week, then this is the fish for you. I don’t think I’ve ever had a gold fish that’s lasted longer than 2 weeks. But consider yourself warned: If you think you’re child is going to be extremely upset or disappointed when the fish dies, perhaps you should spend the extra few bucks and get her a fish that has a slightly extended life span.

Cost: $0.10

Life Span: 1-2 Weeks

Beta/Japanese Fighting Fish:

Betas are best kept one per fish bowl. Otherwise…Well, you get the point of ‘Fighting Fish’, right? They are absolutely beautiful fish, but they do have a fairly long life span.

Cost: $5.00-10.00

Life Span: 5-12 months

Clown Fish:

Highly NOT recommended for youngsters, but if Sue’s begging you for ‘Nemo’, and you’re fine with it, then go right on ahead. Once you add in the cost of a fish tank, the aquatic plants, and food, then you’re in for a pretty pricey fish.

Cost: $20-30.00

Life Span: 3-5 Years




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