How to Teach Kids About Pet Care

Pets are said to be the extension of our affectionate abilities as humans. It needs utmost care, love, and attention like people do. However, there are a number of pets that have undergone heinous maltreatment and helpless abandonment. It may be due to the economic turmoil and various stresses that the populace has been facing.

The consideration of owning a pet has become more popular nowadays. Families are thinking of extending their homes to little cute ones so they enjoy a complete bunch in the clan; this is especially true for those who have young kids. Children are fond of stuff toys; they think it’s something they could play and be with. That’s why when they get the idea that …

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How to Care for Your Pet Gecko

3 Ways to Help Your Leopard Gecko Live a Happy Life | PetSmart

Each species of gecko will have its own special requirements and needs, but there are some common requirements that all species will share. Housing, moisture, food, day and night cycle and a hide box are pretty much the same for all species.


Geckos in general are arboreal which means they climb and live above the ground. With the exception of a few species which either live on the ground or cant climb. To have a healthy gecko you need to have a terrarium that has plenty of room and things to climb on. Branches, plants and rocks are some good examples. Proper bedding is essential for geckos. Sand should never be used. When a gecko feeds it may accidentally …

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How to Raise and Care for Your Pet Pit Bull

How to Raise and Care for Your Pet Pit BullThe Pit Bull Terrier can be a wonderful pet. How can you live with a pit bull safely? Some may ask this question because of all the negative things reported about the breed. Others may love the breed, because they have had a great experience as a pit bull owner. I am one of the latter.

There is no denying that there have been many pit bulls that have been the “victim” of their own aggressive behavior. Victim? Yes, I say this because I believe that it is the responsibility of the owner to raise and train any dog properly. The mentality of the owner will determine the behavior of the dog.

Remember dogs make great pets if we care …

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DIY Pet Care: How to Make a Miniature Water Bottle for a Pet Cage

DIY Pet Care: How to Make a Miniature Water Bottle for a Pet CageIf your room box or doll house family is pet-inclined, they’ll certainly want you to read this tutorial series. It’ll talk you through how to make a pet (I will be using a mouse-like critter as a pet), water bottle, cage and food and food bowl. Each project will be a new installment in the series.

This installment will cover how to make a water bottle for your pet’s cage. There’s two styles shown, one is a smaller, rounder and shorter bottle (like the one in my hamster’s cage) and the other is a taller model like you’d see in a rat or rabbit style cage (like my degus have.) I’ll tell you how to make both, and you can …

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Frugal Pet Care: How to Reduce Your Pet Care Expenses

Frugal Pet Care: How to Reduce Your Pet Care ExpensesI have learned that there are several things you can do to save money on your pets and their care. Everyone knows how to shop for coupons that you can use to purchase dog food. Search Factoidz for other articles that provide the names of websites you can use to find these coupons. Most people are resigned to paying full price for items that are purchased such as the flea medicine and heartworm pills. But, did you know that most veterinarian offices will match online prices? Bring in an online quote and your veterinarian’s office may match that pricing. I use Banfield and they do match online pricing. (They are inside PetSmart.) This allows me to pick up the things …

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