How to Take Care of Your Pet Parakeet

Parakeets make great companions, but if you want a talker I would suggest buying a larger bird like an African Grey or a Cockatoo. Parakeets are very beautiful too however and they are easier to take care of. You can buy a nice little cage for them but make sure not to put the bird cage next to windows or doors because they can get very drafty. Parakeets will make a little bit of chirping noises so I wouldn’t suggest placing them in your bedroom. You can also cover the cage at night to help the bird fall asleep and it will also quiet the bird down.

Parakeets are very inexpensive compared to larger birds which can cost you thousands …

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Health Care of the Senior Pet

Most pet owners want to keep their loved pets around for as long as possible. The way to keep senior pets with us longer is by providing good medical and preventative treatment.

Your veterinarian should see senior pets twice a year instead of just once. Since medical care of our senior pets has advanced, our dogs and cats are suffering from some of the same types of diseases we humans suffer from. Disease such as Diabetes, Cancer, Liver and intestinal problems, Kidney Failure and Arthritis are some of the disease of the elderly pet. Just as human medical science has advanced in the care and treatment of these types of senior diseases so has medical care for our dogs and …

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Lawn Care and Pet Safety

According to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, tens of thousands of pets in America are poisoned by chemicals used for gardening or for lawns. Dogs, especially, will try to eat just about anything, including and insecticides and poisonous plants like sago palm, rhododendron and azalea. Check the ASPCA’s list of toxic and non-toxic plants before going to the garden center. (See Refernces for the URL, in case the link breaks.)

Prevention Tips

Place insect baits out of reach of pets. Slug bait is especially lethal to dogs so using commercial slug bait is not recommended for any homes that own dogs or have dogs owned buy the neighbors. Try natural baits like salt or crushed egg shells instead. If …

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The Gray Jay: A Clever Strategist that Merits its Algonquin Name

The Gray Jay or Perisoreus canadensis tends to live in remote areas of Canada, from the end of the tree line, in the north, and extending down to the southwestern parts of the United States. They seem to prefer Spruce forests, especially in the more northern parts of Canada. The severe climate of the north has helped the Gray Jay, or Canada Jay, as it was once called, in a way that was not readily apparent, until its behaviour was more closely studied.

Gray Jays Do Not Migrate

The tendency for most birds, in the Northern Hemisphere, is to migrate to warmer climates with the onset of winter. However, the Gray Jay does not migrate at all, unless it cannot …

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Cockatiel Care Guide: Pet Training Tips

Cockatiels are highly intelligent and social birds. For this reason, they can often easily be trained to do a number of things– from sitting on your shoulder to talking. Often, with proper pet training tips, cockatiels can even perform tricks. A cockatiel care guide often comes in handy when you’re trying to train your bird. With a little patience and time, you can easily be on your way to a well trained cockatiel.

Finger Training

If your cockatiel’s already tame, finger training your bird is relatively simple. If your cockatiel already allows you to come up close to it and even pet it, then you should have no problem finger training it. The down side is in the process it …

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Six Little Known Ways to Save Money on Pet Care

We all love our pets, but they are expensive to support. Food, flea control, worming, grooming, and accessories can eat a hole in your pocket. These are my favorite small tricks to save money on all those things our fur-babies need.

  1. Only change half of the litter box at a time. This only works if you have just one cat per litter box. Cats always urinate on one end of the box, then turn around and poo on the other. The urine is what causes most of the odor, so after you pooper scoop the box, remove the half with the urine and replace it.
    WARNING: Please read this article about The Dangers of Clumping Cat Litter.
  2. Mix expensive
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Caring for Pet Rabbits in the Summertime

Rabbits are wonderful and loving pets, but they do require a fair amount of care. If you are looking for a pet that just sits in a cage and keeps to itself, a rabbit is not a good choice. They have very specific dietary, exercise and grooming needs. In all seasons, but especially in extreme hot summer weather, there are strict guidelines you should follow to ensure that your pet healthy, hydrated and comfortable.

Keeping cool

As with any pet in the summer, rabbits can over-heat and become seriously ill if left unprotected in hot weather. If you have an outdoor rabbit that lives in a hutch, you must make sure that it is kept in the shade. In the …

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Tips on Saving Money on Pet Care

Caring for a pet has certainly not gotten any cheaper in the past few years. In fact you can spend more money now than you may ever have spent in the past. Many don’t take into consideration the total cost of caring for a pet until they have already purchased the pet. Taking your pet for regular check ups is a must, but there are ways to save money. If you have a pet, you may find the tips below to be helpful in caring for the pet.

Veterinary school

Depending on where you live you may be able to find a veterinary school that will allow you to bring your pet for care. Since these students are learning to …

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Teaching Children to Care for Pet Chickens

Chickens make an excellent choice of pet for children. There are several breeds that are friendly and come in pretty colors, which appeal to children. But the part they’ll probably enjoy most, is collecting delicious fresh eggs.


Silkies are a popular breed of pet for children. They are docile and will allow you to handle them. Their unusual feathering and comb, which is called a mulberry or cushion, makes them fascinating to children. They are a small breed, known as a bantam, so will lay smaller eggs than the larger breeds.

Australorps are quiet and docile. They are sometimes available in white and blue, but the most common color is black. Australorps are not aggressive towards each other, and …

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Pet Care for the Pineapple Swordtail

The pineapple swordtail fish is relatively non-aggressive. The only time they become aggressive is if more than one male is present in a tank that has at least one female. The males then become aggressive towards each other. If you make sure to either have only males, only females or females and only one male then the fish should be calm and suitable for a community fish tank. They are small, hardy and colorful making them an attractive addition to any community aquarium.

Avoid putting the pineapple swordtail fish with fish like the Tiger Barb that nips at other fish’s fins. The pineapple swordtail fish has large fins that are easy targets for this type of fish.

The pineapple swordtail …

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