The Snowy Owl: Sentinel of the Artic Tundra

The Snowy Owl or Bubo scandiacus lives beyond the tree line in the artic regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Many of them migrate south in the winter, and this movement is thought to coincide with the availability of lemmings.

The Hunting Habits of the Snowy Owl

The Snowy Owl, however, is an excellent hunter. It is diurnal, which means it hunts during the early daylight hours, and it is also an opportunistic hunter. Snowy Owls will kill, and eat even large prey such as geese, artic hares, pheasant, and foxes. They will even catch and consume fish. The owl will consume its prey whole, if it is small, and then regurgitate the fur and bones as pellets. Larger prey will …

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How to Make Cute Pet Rocks

In the 1970’s, pet rocks were all the rage, but they really were not cute. Everyone had to have one of these ordinary and not-so-cuddly inanimate creatures that was nothing more than a rock. How about reviving this fad of the 70’s by making pet rocks better than ever? Unlike real pets they will not leave behind unwanted presents on floors and furniture, and they will never require veterinary visits, grooming, or food. Although pet rocks cannot feel love or give love in return, handpainted varieties really are adorable, and the benefits far outweigh the fact that they will do absolutely nothing but sit around looking cute.

Necessary Supplies to Make Cute Pet Rocks

To make cute pet rocks that …

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Dallas Dog Parks Are Warm and Welcoming for Pets and Owners

Are you a dog owner looking for places to enjoy some time outside with your four legged friends? Check out these local area dog parks that offer a great place to enjoy playtime for everyone.

White Rock Creek Dog Park
8000 E Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX 75334
Neighborhood: Lakewood

This spacious park is surrounded by scenic views of the lake, and cyclist riding by overlooking all the activity. With several acres of fenced in playgrounds, an animal friendly group greets owners and pets with a few pets for adoption upon entering. The grass field is clean, with all sorts of dogs and families commingling for good fun. With plenty of trash receptacles throughout, makes it easy to pick up after …

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Pet Care: The Fennec Fox

Pet Care: The Fennec Fox

Fennec foxes, native to the arid deserts in North Africa, grow to be 16 to 18 inches long, 8 to 10 inches tall and weigh 2 to 4 pounds. They live on average 12 to 16 years in captivity. The acquirement of a fennec fox is not a short time commitment. It is always important to know what to expect when getting a new pet, but this is especially true for rare and/or exotic pets such as fennec foxes.

Fennec foxes most notable characteristic is their huge ears. Despite this they are the smallest canine (dogs, foxes, etc) alive today. They pant quickly when hot to dissipate heat and shiver when cold, usually when the temperature is below 68 degrees …

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Pet Care: Ferret

Pet Care: FerretFerrets are not as easy to care for as hamsters and mice but they aren’t extraordinarily difficult either. They are related to pole cats and weasels and live for 7 to 8 years. They are a domesticated pet. Wild ferrets should not be kept as pets. The most important thing to remember is that ferrets need plenty of attention and at least 2 hours of play time out of their cage. Ferrets should also always be spayed or neutered unless owned by breeders. Another important thing to keep in mind is that most ferrets will contract diseases late in life such as adrenal disease, insulinoma and many other types of cancer.

A ferret can be kept in a cage of …

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Taking Care of Your Dying Pet

Taking Care of Your Dying PetI recently lost my cat. At the end she was unable to move because she was so weak. My family decided to put her down because she was going to die within the next couple of days anyway and that was the only day we knew we would all be with her when she died.

Before that day she was still happy. She could take care of herself. She could walk. She could clean herself. She could let us know when she needed something. She still sat with us. She still purred. It simply wasn’t time to put her down.

So my first piece of advice is this: If you’re contemplating putting down your dying pet, do it for the …

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Pet Care 101 – Can Cats Become Connected to People?

Pet Care 101 - Can Cats Become Connected to People?

If you’ve owned a cat for any length of time, you’ve probably seen how they seem to understand us. Do they really know what we’re feeling, or is it just our perception of their actions?

I’ve had several cats over the years, and over time you really start to think that they know what you’re feeling, and sometimes what you’re thinking. They act and react in ways that seem to be just what you need, just when you need it. Do they really connect to their owners over time, or are cat’s loving actions just our wishful thinking?

I really don’t know if there’s any scientific data one way or the other on whether or not cats actually bond to …

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Best Pet for Children Under the Age of 10

Best Pet for Children Under the Age of 10Sue comes home from school, drops her backpack on the floor, and runs over to you. “Oh please, Mommy, please, can I have a puppy?” It’s nearly impossible to resist those big eyes and trembling lip, but do you really want another mouth to feed and something else to watch and care for? Why not satisfy your child with a pet that’s easy to care for, fascinating, and easy on the wallet? Instead of a puppy or a kitten, buy your child a fish.

Fish are easy to care for, mesmerize your kids, and are little to no hassle. Just make sure to let Sue know that she’s not allowed to feed her fish anything but fish food. No, she …

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Summer Pet Care Tips for Rabbits

Summer Pet Care Tips for RabbitsRabbits require special care during the summer as they have a thick coat of fur that leads to overheating, dehydration, and other health related problems. Having owned a rabbit for 8-years, I have successfully litter box trained and house trained him, as well as dealing with eight summers in a warm climate. This article will look at six tips for properly taking care of your rabbit during the summertime.

  1. Molting

During the early summer months, rabbits go through a phase called molting, where they lose their thicker winter coat in place of a thinner summer coat of fur. Molting is a way for rabbits to stay cool during the summer. However, the process leaves lots of hair in the rabbit’s …

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Your First Pet Rat

Your First Pet RatIf you are looking for a pet that is friendly, lovable, trainable and also low cost and relatively low maintenance, then the fancy rat may be just what you are searching for.

Pet rats come in a variety of color and coat combinations, from white with red eyes to black and white spotted; from the curly coated rex to the hairless variety. Rats are available in pretty much any fur type and color you desire.

A new baby rat will usually be between 4 and 5 weeks old, at this age they are old enough to leave the nest but young enough to be handled and trained to enjoy human company. The sex of the rat can be determined at …

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