Cockatiel Care Guide: Pet Training Tips

Cockatiels are highly intelligent and social birds. For this reason, they can often easily be trained to do a number of things– from sitting on your shoulder to talking. Often, with proper pet training tips, cockatiels can even perform tricks. A cockatiel care guide often comes in handy when you’re trying to train your bird. With a little patience and time, you can easily be on your way to a well trained cockatiel.

Finger Training

If your cockatiel’s already tame, finger training your bird is relatively simple. If your cockatiel already allows you to come up close to it and even pet it, then you should have no problem finger training it. The down side is in the process it may bite you a couple times.

When your cockatiel’s calm and the surrounding environment is calm, get your birds’ attention so they are facing you. Slowly place your hand in front of the bird. Before you try to get the bird on your finger, allow them to become comfortable with your hands presence near them.

After they are comfortable with your hand near them, slowly extend your index finger towards the birds chest. Gently slide your finger down their chest towards their feet. This will encourage them to step on. If it’s your birds first time attempting to finger train, it will take them some practice just like it will take you some practice if it’s your first time. Just remain patient. After you get your bird on your finger offer a treat and words of praise.

Shoulder Training

In order to shoulder train your bird, they must first be finger trained. To shoulder train your cockatiel, the bird must first be sitting on your finger. Often, you can simply put your finger to your shoulder and with your other hand gently push them to step onto your shoulder.

Another method you can use will only work with certain birds. When your bird’s on your finger, lower your hand below your waist and have it fully extended. Often, this will cause the bird to walk up your arm to your shoulder because they enjoy being up high. This technique won’t work for every bird though. After your pet becomes accustom to your should expect a few nibbles on your ear or it to munch on your hair from time to time.

These pet training tips will easily help you train your cockatiel to do simple tricks. If your pet can easily master these, then you can try them with more in depth tricks, such as fetch and talking.


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