DIY Pet Care: How to Make a Miniature Water Bottle for a Pet Cage

DIY Pet Care: How to Make a Miniature Water Bottle for a Pet Cage

DIY Pet Care: How to Make a Miniature Water Bottle for a Pet CageIf your room box or doll house family is pet-inclined, they’ll certainly want you to read this tutorial series. It’ll talk you through how to make a pet (I will be using a mouse-like critter as a pet), water bottle, cage and food and food bowl. Each project will be a new installment in the series.

This installment will cover how to make a water bottle for your pet’s cage. There’s two styles shown, one is a smaller, rounder and shorter bottle (like the one in my hamster’s cage) and the other is a taller model like you’d see in a rat or rabbit style cage (like my degus have.) I’ll tell you how to make both, and you can choose which fits your cage, use and style better.

I’ll start off with instructions for the larger of the two bottles.

What You Will Need:

A Paper Clip
Little Bubbles from pill packaging
Tacky Glue
A small piece of tubing
Wire Cutter (you can use scissors in a pinch if needed)
Sewing Pin

How To make It:

  1. Cut a small piece of tubing to size. (This will depend on the scale you are working in)
    2. Cut out the backing of the pill pack, so that all you are left with is just the little bubble like area that held the pill.
    3. Glue the little ‘bubble’ from the pill pack to one end of the tubing.
    4. Take your remaining ‘bubble’ from the pill pack and poke a small hole in the middle of the bubble. Set aside.
    5. Take your paper clip and bend it straight. Cut off a small amount to form a spout for your pet to drink from. You may find that you will need to bend it into shape slightly.
    6. Insert the straight end of the paper clip into the hole you made in the ‘bubble’
    7. Glue the ‘bubble’ over the open end of the bottle.
    8. Let sit and dry overnight!
    9. Wait for the next installment to be posted!

If you’d rather make the smaller water bottle, read on! A little warning here, this one is much more difficult to work with due to it’s drastic size decrease from the larger one. Have your tweezers handy!

What You Will Need:

Empty pen
Tacky Glue
Clear packing plastic (I used the plastic from a Hot Wheels Car)
Twist or Bread Tie
Sewing Pin.

How To Make It:

  1. Take apart your empty pen and remove the ink tube
    2. Cut your ink tube to size (dependent on the scale you are working in)
    3. Cut your packing plastic to fit over the end of the ink tube. (tip: Glue the plastic on in a large square, then trim to size after the glue has dried)
    4. Take your twist tie and strip the paper or plastic coating off of it. All you will need is a small piece of the inside wire.
    5. Cut another large square of the packing plastic. Poke a small hole in it with the sewing pin. Careful not to make it to wide or too big.
    6. Glue the square over the open end of the bottle (ink tube) and insert the inner twist tie wire in the middle. You might need to bend the wire into the shape of a spout. You might also need a dab of glue to hold the wire in place.
    7. Let dry completely.
    8. Trim the excess plastic off of either end carefully.
    9. Sit back and wait for the next tutorial for the miniature pet cage.

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