How to Make Cute Pet Rocks

In the 1970’s, pet rocks were all the rage, but they really were not cute. Everyone had to have one of these ordinary and not-so-cuddly inanimate creatures that was nothing more than a rock. How about reviving this fad of the 70’s by making pet rocks better than ever? Unlike real pets they will not leave behind unwanted presents on floors and furniture, and they will never require veterinary visits, grooming, or food. Although pet rocks cannot feel love or give love in return, handpainted varieties really are adorable, and the benefits far outweigh the fact that they will do absolutely nothing but sit around looking cute.

Necessary Supplies to Make Cute Pet Rocks

To make cute pet rocks that are perfect for gift-giving you will need a smooth rock approximately the size and shape of a small potato, latex craft paint in colors of your choice, latex craft gloss, and any extra embellishments desired. For example, the eyes can be made with highlights by gluing on a single square of glitter. A pet rock dog or cat can be outfitted with a tiny rhinestone collar attached with superglue. Use your imagination and unique sense of creativity to come up with pet rocks that will be extremely cute and highly unique.


Begin by washing and drying the rocks. Next paint the background color of the animal. Once the background color dries, have fun adding special characteristics and features. They can be whimsical or realistic, and you do not have to be an artist to create cute pet rocks of any variety. For best results, start with the eyes, then the nose, and lastly paint the mouth and ears.

Optional Decorating and Gift-Giving Ideas

Instead of painting on eyes, consider adding dimension with the addition of plastic craft eyes. Using a little hot glue, and attach felt ears instead of the classic painted-on variety. You might even want to add a tuft of craft fur on the top of the head and behind the ears. Consider adding a tail made of craft fur or yarn as well.

Create cute pet rocks for friends and relatives that will make fun and unique gifts for any occasion, and add to the fun by making the pet rocks cages using small gift boxes. Cut out rectangles to form cage bars using a sharp utility knife, and color the finished cages. Give each one of pet rocks a cute name, and paint the name over the door.

If you decide to make dogs in the form of pet rocks, create dog houses instead of cages. Add painted-on bones or other cute designs. After making one of these cute pet rocks and cages you will want to make many more, and you might just bring back and improve this fun fad of the 70’s.

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