How to Promote Your Pet Day Care Business

How to Promote Your Pet Day Care Business

How to Promote Your Pet Day Care BusinessIt is quite easy to promote your pet day care business. You just have to remember which audience you desire to advertise towards. You can turn promotion into profits when it is done successfully. Here are 3 ways on how to promote your pet day care business.

The Vet’s Office

This is an excellent place to advertise your business locally is at each veterinarian office. This is where you will get the attention of most people who would like your services. You will want to advertise yourself in all veterinarian offices in your area. Try to expand yourself to advertise in smaller towns around the area in order to generate more profit too.

Dog Parks

A large city usually has a dog park somewhere. You can advertise your pet day care business at the dog parks by hanging up fliers on lamp posts. You can also put some advertisements on trash cans that are around the place. If the park has a drinking foundation anywhere then you can put your advertisements on there as well. This is another place that you will catch peoples attention. You will see some results from these audience as well.

Dog and Cat Spa Places

Sometimes they have doggie and cat spa places in some areas of the city. You can ask these places if they will allow you to put out a few fliers or brochures in their main area. Most of them will say yes to you unless they have a ton of them already. If you can afford it, offer them a small flat fee in exchange for letting you advertise in those places in order to help you generate more profit long term. This is a win win situation for you and them on both sides.

Pet Obedience School

An obedience school for pets is another place to advertise your business. The advertisements will work for sure as long as you keep your target audience as pet owners of some sort. This will reduce the amount of wasted money and saves you time at the same time. It allows you to make a profit right away by finding the right customers.

You can try to advertise in the pets section of the local newspaper too. You might want to advertise your pet business in the service section of the local newspaper or magazine too.

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