How to Raise and Care for Your Pet Pit Bull

How to Raise and Care for Your Pet Pit Bull

How to Raise and Care for Your Pet Pit BullThe Pit Bull Terrier can be a wonderful pet. How can you live with a pit bull safely? Some may ask this question because of all the negative things reported about the breed. Others may love the breed, because they have had a great experience as a pit bull owner. I am one of the latter.

There is no denying that there have been many pit bulls that have been the “victim” of their own aggressive behavior. Victim? Yes, I say this because I believe that it is the responsibility of the owner to raise and train any dog properly. The mentality of the owner will determine the behavior of the dog.

Remember dogs make great pets if we care for them properly. However, they are pack animals and they need a leader. Will you care for your pet and be a good leader?

Before getting a pit bull ask yourself a few questions. Am I right for a pit bull? Is the pit bull right for me? Am I willing to take good care of my pet?

If you would like to own a pit bull simply because they have a reputation for being mean, and it would make you proud to own a tough looking dog then you are not right for the pit bull. If you want to own pit bulls just to breed them and make money selling them to make a profit, and you are not an ethical, conscientious, responsible, professional dog breeder, then the pit bull is not right for you.

You are definitely not right for the pit bull if you want to raise them to fight.

Are you a pit bull lover? Would you be willing to educate yourself about the breed so you fully understand their history, how to raise a pit bull as a domesticated pet? If you are willing to put in the time and effort required then the pit bull may be the perfect pet for you.

Before making the decision to become a pit bull owner, understand the laws. Start with reading Breed Specific Legislation commonly referred to as (BSL). Register, license and proper shots are required by law.

Choose a veterinarian that is caring, competent, and that will take the time to communicate your pets health and needs.

As a pit bull owner love your dog, talk to them, show them affection, but remember that dogs are not humans. Get dog breed information.

Obedience training is vital when raising and caring for a pit bull. They are eager to please, they love and respond well to positive reinforcement. Consistency is key, make the rules and stick with them.

If you train your pit bull when it is a puppy it will become a very loyal and obedient friend.

Pit Bulls need socialization this is very important and can eliminate unwanted behavior. Daily exercise is a must to exert their energy, walking, or playing with your pet pit bull at least an hour each day will give your pet physical benefits and make them calmer.

Owning a pit bull can be a positive and loving experience. Breeders and owners of pit bull dogs can make a difference. Pit bulls may have originally been bred for “baiting”, where the dog attacked a bull or bear, but that has long since been banned. Pitting (fighting) pit bull’s against each other, a horrific blood sport, is also banned. Animal cruelty is punishable by law.

Tips for Experiencing the Joy of Owning a Pit Bull

Get your pit bull when it is a puppy, buy from a reputable breeder who is registered and licensed.

If you have children, teach them to respect the dog and teach the dog to respect and love the children.

Give your puppy a space to sleep rather than allowing it to sleep in your bed, it is not your equal.

When feeding touch the dog dish while your pet is eating, stop them from eating for a few moments, then resume; this gets the dog used to having there meal interrupted and teaches them to react calmly rather than growling or biting to protect their meal.

Always, always watch your child and the dogs interaction, immediately address any negative behavior that the dog or child displays. For example if the child tugs the dogs ear and the dog growls, firmly and calmly say “no” to the dog then take the child’s hand and assist them in gently petting the dog.

When walking your dog, do not let the dog zig zag or pull you unexpectedly, teach your dog to walk at your side, and if the dog does pull or zig zag, again firmly say “no” and give the leash a gentle tug. As the dog walks calmly by your side say, “good boy/good girl” repeatedly. Stop and pet your dog periodically to show them you appreciate their behavior.

For more tips raising, training and caring for you pet pit bull, get pet care tips.

If you take the time to care for your pet pit bull properly you will find that they are very affectionate, lovable, loyal companions. Read some positive stories about pit bulls.

Popular pit bulls like “Stubby” a decorated US war dog, and “Petey” the Our Gang/Little Rascals mascot are examples of how great the pit bull can be. Did you know that Buster Brown shoes used a pit bull in their advertisements?

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