How to Take Care of Your Pet Parakeet

Parakeets make great companions, but if you want a talker I would suggest buying a larger bird like an African Grey or a Cockatoo. Parakeets are very beautiful too however and they are easier to take care of. You can buy a nice little cage for them but make sure not to put the bird cage next to windows or doors because they can get very drafty. Parakeets will make a little bit of chirping noises so I wouldn’t suggest placing them in your bedroom. You can also cover the cage at night to help the bird fall asleep and it will also quiet the bird down.

Parakeets are very inexpensive compared to larger birds which can cost you thousands of dollars. You can buy items for a parakeet at any pet store such as Petco, Petland and Petsmart. Make sure to buy parakeet seed to feed the bird and also buy the bird toys and mirrors to play with. Make sure none of the toys can cut the bird because birds are very sensitive to this. Also, do not take your bird outside during the colder months and make sure to buy the bird in the summer versus the winter. Birds get sick very easy and you’re completely helpless once they get really sick. You will need to find a vet which specializes in bird care.

Make sure that for the first week you do not stress out your bird. Cover the cage completely and do not make any loud noises. Walk up to the cage slowly so that you do not scare the bird. Leave the bird in it’s cage for the first week. The bird is already stressed out from being moved from the pet store. Parakeets come in all different colors of blue, purple, green, yellow and many other colors. If you want to buy two parakeets they will do great in pairs. Make sure to buy an extra dish for the extra bird. You will also need to supply the bird with water.

A parakeets live span is often 7 to 12 years. They can be tought to sit on your finger and you can get their wings clipped so that they cannot fly and hurt themselves. If your bird can fly do not take the bird outside and shut off ceiling fans when bringing your bird outside of its cage. Also make sure to buy perches for your bird to sit on. Usually they will go to the bathroom on the perch, so do not put it close to food and water dishes. You will need to regularly clean the birds cage and spend time with the bird. The more time you spend with the bird the better behaved it will become. You also need to clean the water dishes regularly and buy the bird cuddlebone and treats. You will also need to buy vitamins to place in the birds water dish.

I would suggest writing down your expenses and calculating how much money you can spend on different things. Buy the biggest cage that you can afford for your new bird. You may want to buy several birds together. At first, the birds will most likely not come to you or be friendly. With time you can teach the bird to sit on your finger and it will love attention.

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