How to Teach Kids About Pet Care

Pets are said to be the extension of our affectionate abilities as humans. It needs utmost care, love, and attention like people do. However, there are a number of pets that have undergone heinous maltreatment and helpless abandonment. It may be due to the economic turmoil and various stresses that the populace has been facing.

The consideration of owning a pet has become more popular nowadays. Families are thinking of extending their homes to little cute ones so they enjoy a complete bunch in the clan; this is especially true for those who have young kids. Children are fond of stuff toys; they think it’s something they could play and be with. That’s why when they get the idea that owning a live version of their favorite stuffed dog could be real; they beg parents to give them one. They will long hours of begging, bargaining, and sweet talking. However, you must deliberate well before you actually say yes. Consider your resources, time availability, and strong desire to make pet care possible. If you can’t handle it very well, you may even contribute to pet mistreatment issues.

Sad Truth

Tell your kids about the reality of pet abuse. Explain to them that some people may initially give all their attention to their pets but later on gets tired and neglect them. You may also tell stories about how some pets are being treated like slaves and mere household guard. You may even show pictures (not too disturbing please) of examples in newspapers and magazines. So before you purchase a pet, tell your kids that such behavior is prohibited in your home. When they realized the sad truth about pets, your kids will surely have a soft spot for animals, thus, becoming more inspired to take care of them.

Animals Grow Too

Usually, kids are fond of how cute and little pets could be. This is probably the reason why they beg their parents to have one. After all, who could resist such a lovable darling? However, you must instill in your kids’ minds that these creatures undergoes physical development too. It could never stay tiny and cuddly all the time. Tell your kid that owning a pet is more than having a cute pal by his/her side; it is actually about helping these creatures grow and mature. Tell your kids that once you agree to get a pet, a lifetime commitment is going to be made. They could not give up on the responsibility just because the pet has not grown the way they want to; maltreatment is never acceptable. Plush toys will keep your growing dog happy playing.

Shared Duties

Make it clear to your kids that part of taking care of a pet is the dirty stuff that goes along with it. They could not pick the easy responsibilities only, especially since they were the makers of the pet idea in the first place. Cleaning litter boxes, walking the dog or ridding fleas are all part of the job so they’d better accept it.

Pet’s Feelings

To be able to inculcate an affectionate attitude to your kids, tell them about the pet’s feelings. Teach them about how pets could also hurt like human beings. If they are guided by this principle, abuse and ill-treatment would be undetectable.

Apply these tips when getting a new pet for your kids. It is important for them to learn the value of responsible and ardent pet care at an early age so the future generations will have something to look forward to.

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