Teaching Children to Care for Pet Chickens

Chickens make an excellent choice of pet for children. There are several breeds that are friendly and come in pretty colors, which appeal to children. But the part they’ll probably enjoy most, is collecting delicious fresh eggs.


Silkies are a popular breed of pet for children. They are docile and will allow you to handle them. Their unusual feathering and comb, which is called a mulberry or cushion, makes them fascinating to children. They are a small breed, known as a bantam, so will lay smaller eggs than the larger breeds.

Australorps are quiet and docile. They are sometimes available in white and blue, but the most common color is black. Australorps are not aggressive towards each other, and …

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Pet Care for the Pineapple Swordtail

The pineapple swordtail fish is relatively non-aggressive. The only time they become aggressive is if more than one male is present in a tank that has at least one female. The males then become aggressive towards each other. If you make sure to either have only males, only females or females and only one male then the fish should be calm and suitable for a community fish tank. They are small, hardy and colorful making them an attractive addition to any community aquarium.

Avoid putting the pineapple swordtail fish with fish like the Tiger Barb that nips at other fish’s fins. The pineapple swordtail fish has large fins that are easy targets for this type of fish.

The pineapple swordtail …

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Home Care Tips for Your Pet After Spaying

While any vet visit can cause anxiety for a pet, when major surgery such as spaying is in order, you can anticipate emotional havoc with both the pet and its owner. A spay typically calls for one to two nights stay, depending on several factors, including how well she does after surgery. When your pet is ready to come home, you want to do everything you can to ensure she’s comfortable during her recovery period.

If at all possible, visit your pet while she’s hospitalized. Even though she may be groggy, your presence can be recognized and can reduce the amount of stress and anxiety she may be feeling. While your pet is away from home you can begin preparing …

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How to Take Care of Your Pet During a Hurricane

14 Hurricane Safety Tips for Pets | PetMD


Several years ago, three major hurricanes grazed North Florida by either crossing the state or riding the coast up from South Florida. These hurricanes were Florence, Jeanne, and Ivan. Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding area, felt hurricane strength winds on two of the storms and wind gusts up to 75 miles per hour on the third. Many homes were evacuated in the area during all three storms. People felt their pets were safe at home, but later found out they had made a poor choice. Some homes were flooded and heavily damaged. There were reports of a few pets being hurt. So the North Florida area started a campaign to make sure people learned how to protect their pets …

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The Snowy Owl: Sentinel of the Artic Tundra

The Snowy Owl or Bubo scandiacus lives beyond the tree line in the artic regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Many of them migrate south in the winter, and this movement is thought to coincide with the availability of lemmings.

The Hunting Habits of the Snowy Owl

The Snowy Owl, however, is an excellent hunter. It is diurnal, which means it hunts during the early daylight hours, and it is also an opportunistic hunter. Snowy Owls will kill, and eat even large prey such as geese, artic hares, pheasant, and foxes. They will even catch and consume fish. The owl will consume its prey whole, if it is small, and then regurgitate the fur and bones as pellets. Larger prey will …

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How to Make Cute Pet Rocks

In the 1970’s, pet rocks were all the rage, but they really were not cute. Everyone had to have one of these ordinary and not-so-cuddly inanimate creatures that was nothing more than a rock. How about reviving this fad of the 70’s by making pet rocks better than ever? Unlike real pets they will not leave behind unwanted presents on floors and furniture, and they will never require veterinary visits, grooming, or food. Although pet rocks cannot feel love or give love in return, handpainted varieties really are adorable, and the benefits far outweigh the fact that they will do absolutely nothing but sit around looking cute.

Necessary Supplies to Make Cute Pet Rocks

To make cute pet rocks that …

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Dallas Dog Parks Are Warm and Welcoming for Pets and Owners

Are you a dog owner looking for places to enjoy some time outside with your four legged friends? Check out these local area dog parks that offer a great place to enjoy playtime for everyone.

White Rock Creek Dog Park
8000 E Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX 75334
Neighborhood: Lakewood

This spacious park is surrounded by scenic views of the lake, and cyclist riding by overlooking all the activity. With several acres of fenced in playgrounds, an animal friendly group greets owners and pets with a few pets for adoption upon entering. The grass field is clean, with all sorts of dogs and families commingling for good fun. With plenty of trash receptacles throughout, makes it easy to pick up after …

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How to Care for Your Pet Gecko

3 Ways to Help Your Leopard Gecko Live a Happy Life | PetSmart

Each species of gecko will have its own special requirements and needs, but there are some common requirements that all species will share. Housing, moisture, food, day and night cycle and a hide box are pretty much the same for all species.


Geckos in general are arboreal which means they climb and live above the ground. With the exception of a few species which either live on the ground or cant climb. To have a healthy gecko you need to have a terrarium that has plenty of room and things to climb on. Branches, plants and rocks are some good examples. Proper bedding is essential for geckos. Sand should never be used. When a gecko feeds it may accidentally …

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How to Promote Your Pet Day Care Business

How to Promote Your Pet Day Care BusinessIt is quite easy to promote your pet day care business. You just have to remember which audience you desire to advertise towards. You can turn promotion into profits when it is done successfully. Here are 3 ways on how to promote your pet day care business.

The Vet’s Office

This is an excellent place to advertise your business locally is at each veterinarian office. This is where you will get the attention of most people who would like your services. You will want to advertise yourself in all veterinarian offices in your area. Try to expand yourself to advertise in smaller towns around the area in order to generate more profit too.

Dog Parks

A large city usually has …

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Lizards: An Optimal Pet Choice for Allergy Sufferers

Lizards: An Optimal Pet Choice for Allergy Sufferers

Lizards: An Optimal Pet Choice for Allergy Sufferers

Owning a pet can have many benefits, from therapeutic to teaching responsibility and lessons about death. While 70 percent of American homes have a dog or a cat, many people have allergic reactions to these lovable creatures. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, approximately 10% of the population may be allergic to animals. Along with dogs and cats, the list of pets that trigger allergies include most of the common household pets: hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds. Large fish tanks can increase the humidity in a home which can also bother asthma sufferers.

If you have a household member with animal allergies, a reptile may be the pet for you. As you look into …

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