Pet Care Forever

Pet Care Forever

Pet Care Forever

When you decide to offer your home to a Pet, not only should you think of their daily care … but their care at the hands of others should someting happen to you.

Many times our family or close friends do not have the same capacity of love for our “loyal companions” as we have. However, there are many ways to remedy that.

I’m going to break this down into categories of:
Person, you
Loyal Companion, your Pet(s)
Caregivers, Trustee, Beneficiary etc.
Funding Source


1.) You – as the Guardian of your Pet(s) you can determine who can look after them and the capacity of
care you want them to receive … right down to the smallest detail. You are in complete charge and are
the only one that can make changes and designate CAREGIVERS, TRUSTEES and BENEFICIARIES.

2.) Pet(s) – they cannot own property or handle money, so someone must be put in charge, overseeing their

3.) Caregiver(s) – this ia a person that you trust with the care of your Pet(s) this a a warm, kind and loving
individual that would have your “loyal companions” best interest in the forefront of his or her day.

4.) Trustee – as with any type of agreement or contract, the Trustee is looking out for the best interest of all
involved and concerned. Not that this person is all contrilloing, it’s a piece of mind situation knowing
that all are doing what is expected. A series of checks and balances if you will, all having the best
interest of your Pet in mind.

5.) Beneficiary – this can be anyone you designate, Family Member, Friend, Veterinarian Hospital, Animal
Shelter ….. anyone or organization.

5.) Funding Source – where is the money coming from? You need to consider something that will pay until
your Pet(s) pass on. Equity Indexed Annuities are the safest … no risk. When your Pet or the last of
your Pets does pass on, the balance is paid directly to the Beneficiary.

Creating “piece of mind” for “after-care” is very important for Pet(s) that have received exceptional care all of their lives.

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