Your Pet Quarter Horse's Care & Feeding Requirements

Having a horse can be a great responsibility. It will require great dedication and in most cases some money. They are naturally very good companions and are genetically inclined to graze in open areas with their herd. Caring and feeding your quarter horse is pretty much the same as caring and feeding any horse.

While your quarter horse learns to adapt to life in the stable it is important to exercise your quarter horse to meet their physical needs. Horses often become bored and restless when they lack companions, whether human or other horses. When allowing your horse to graze, it is vital to check for hazards in the grazing area. Be on the look for holes in the fences, trash and poisonous plants that may endanger your quarter horse.

Your pet quarter horse will also require shelter from the elements. While a cluster of trees can provide shade from the heat of the sun, at least a three sided enclosure will be required to shield your horse from other elements. When building the shelter, make sure you have enough room for all your horses. Individual stables also need to provide your horse enough room to move about.

Your quarter horse will also require fresh and clean drinking water. This can be supplied from a bucket or a water trough. If you plan on using a bucket, make sure it is never empty. You can refill it twice a day or whenever your horse is almost out of water. A better option is a trough fed from a water pipe. However this needs to be monitored during winter to ensure that the pipe and water surface does not freeze.

The quarter horse is known to be very easy to feed. It usually just needs a fairly small amount of grass and hay plus vitamin supplements. The quarter horse can keep its weight with just regular feeding. However it is important to ensure that you do not over feed your quarter horse as they gain weight quickly, especially if they aren't getting lots of exercise.

If your quarter horse is kept in a barn or stable, it is very important to provide them with good bedding. It is not advisable to keep your horse standing all the time as they occasionally like to rest and sleep on the floor. Straw beddings are a popular choice but may contain fungal spores. Dust free wood shavings are a more hygienic bedding option.

If you have decided to get a horse you should check out a quarter horse before you decide for sure. They have a lot of positive attributes and very few negatives when it comes to their care and feeding. Their housing requirements are minimal and they don't have to have a stable or barn to be comfortable. They do better with a large pasture but will do OK with a smaller area as long as you give them plenty of exercise. They are easy feeders and won't break the bank with their food requirements. As you can see caring for and feeding your pet quarter horse is not difficult and is likely easier than for other breeds of horse. You won't go wrong when you make a quarter horse your new pet.

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